Working With Me

You might see me because you:

You allowed me to cry if I needed to; you listened and “talked me off the ledge” one day. I will be eternally grateful for what you did to help me through my fear and anxiety issues.Diana B.
  • are having a crisis
  • are feeling depressed or anxious
  • have experienced trauma or loss
  • are struggling with a medical diagnosis
  • are stressed or burned out
  • are dealing with life changes
  •  are suffering with self-esteem issues
  •  have been in therapy before and want to try working creatively
  • want to gain an understanding of yourself
  • want to experience Guided Imagery & Music

My Beliefs:

My hope is to help you uncover your strengths, bring them to your awareness and expand what’s there to serve you. You deserve to live a full life.

I feel that I have been made a better woman because of you.Sandy M.
Self-compassion is one the most important things to practice and often one of the hardest things to learn.  You may have gotten messages about not being worthy from someone in your life that you have taken on.  You are worthy and honoring this in yourself is not only worth working on but can improve your quality of life and encourage health at every level.

Music is a rich, natural resource for us all. The right music accesses the healthy part of you and brings out your capacity for well-being, creative solutions and imaginative, lasting change.

The central assumption of the use of music and imagery is that the freedom we possess in our imagination transcends the limitations imposed upon us by external forces.
–from Lisa Summer, PhD.

Stress can be a destructive influence on your mental and physical health. In a world of intensity it is in your best interest to learn some skills to relax and use them often.  Music listening can bring a sense of beauty into your day, help you self-calm, improve your quality of life, the quality of your sleep and your concentration.

If it weren’t for you helping me through my first chemo with the relaxation exercise, I don’t know what I would have done.  I continue to draw from the experiences with you on a DAILY basis.Kate S.
Working creatively immediately accesses your whole self. You’re instantly working beyond words, tapping into your unique inner resources and imagination. This can clarify your emotions, offer rich insights and help you break through to your authentic, resilient self.

You have the right to work therapeutically in a way that is feels right for you.  I am committed to help you connect with your inner resources and achieve the best therapeutic results. Your commitment to therapy is equally important; your level of involvement is directly related to the benefit you get – this is supported by lots of research.

These videos are excerpts from Mike Lee’s Into the Unknown podcast series on life transitions.
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