Stress Reduction

Stress is a big contributor to mental and physical problems; it’s one of the biggest reasons people end up in my office.  Work stress, personal problems, anxiety and mental overdrive are all exacerbated by constant stimulation from computer screens, phones, TV, environmental noise and non-stop communication opportunities.  Stack that on top of poor quality/quantity of sleep and no down time and you have a recipe for exhaustion, low immune system functioning or a constant state of overwhelm. It’s easy to lose a sense of who you are; many don’t have a way to handle all the enticement that goes on 24/7 in our culture.

If you’re constantly spinning in the fight/flight/freeze syndrome, there are many ways to learn to quiet yourself inside.  Breathing exercises, music listening, walking meditation and mindfulness practice are just a few of the techniques that can make a difference for you.  It’s easy to learn and you can create relief for yourself by allowing time (not a lot!) to take breaks that will make a true difference in your day and mental state. Give yourself a chance to find some peace.

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