Are you looking for a change, some relief from the way you’ve been feeling? Are you wondering how to function better, find a happier/more satisfying/fuller life? Would you like to feel more like yourself again? Or move on from something that is blocking your progress? You don’t have to figure it out alone.  If it’s hard to talk about, the researched, creative methods I use utilize nonverbal expression to optimize our time together and help you find solutions from strengths you already have.

How can working creatively help? You’re instantly working with more than just words, immediately tapping into your unique inner resources and imagination.  Music and imagery clarifies your emotions, offers rich insight and can help you break through to your authentic, resilient self.

I have helped those with depression, anxiety, grief, loss, relationship inequalities, work issues, spiritual questions, trauma, adult survivors of childhood abuse and physical diseases including cancer. Stress reduction includes using music for relaxation, mindfulness meditation techniques, and guided imagery.

This page has links to information on my work and activities – just click on a topic to the left. I hope it supplies the information you’re looking for. I’m open to talk or meet with you. Click on “contact” to reach me by email or phone.

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Hear Louise's CD

A relaxing meditation with soothing music and guided imagery to promote wellness and health.