Are you stressing out? Knowing this can’t continue but don’t know how to stop the pain? Perhaps you don’t feel like yourself or even know your place in the world right now. Maybe you have been through a difficult situation or it’s still going on; relationships are strained, slipping away or don’t feel authentic anymore. A shift has to happen but you’re scared of changing. It can happen! And you don’t have to do it alone.

I offer a variety of ways to self-calm, feel the flow of your own energy and help yourself move towards the future.

Using cutting edge, researched techniques involving music, imagery, mindfulness, EMDR and your own wisdom, together we can shift the feelings that are on your plate right now and ease into a new chapter.

Imagine being authentically you – only better, as you find the best answers from within. It’s my mission to work with you to find those answers and make the shifts you need.