Cancer/Physical Illness

I work with many who are going through or have finished treatment for cancer and am a cancer survivor myself. I don’t believe that any diagnosis has the power to control your life. However, it can help to inform how you live.

Receiving any diagnosis can be traumatic and survivorship poses unique challenges.. Research supports the use of self-care in creating a healthy personal environment for wellness to occur. I specialize in showing you how to emotionally deal with this chapter in your life.  You can learn to use guided imagery, music relaxation techniques and the mind/body connection to help strengthen your immune system and clear the way for healing to occur. Surviving with gusto may mean looking at the following objectives:

  • Foster healthy thinking and re-frame negative thoughts
  • Prioritize and expand options for self-care
  • Strengthen the ability to advocate for yourself
  • Develop stress-reducing, self-calming guided imagery practices to enhance immune system function
  • Identify toxic relationships and restructure personal environments
  • Use music, relaxation and other creative techniques to self-nurture
  • Develop a wellness-focused lifestyle

With 15+ years of hospital work as an oncology specialist and still running outpatient groups at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, I know the territory and can help you move through it with grace and empowerment.